Welly 1:18 1970 Ford Mustang Trans Am Race Car-A True Legend

In the final race of the Trans Am series (Mission Bell 200) in the 1970 season at Riverside, Parnelli Jones was in first place early on in the Bud Moore’s #15 Boss 302. All of sudden, Jones’s car is hit from the right and he is driven off the track with a severely damaged car. Yet somehow Parnelli Jones came back from 9th place to win the race against all odds. Parnelli Jones described the race in his own words.

“I took a really hard lick on the right side of the car when I got hit coming through Turn 9. I decided not to go in the pits even though the car was vibrating like crazy. I guess I was back as far as ninth. The car was so out of balance that when I went through the esses, I’ve seen pictures where the right-side wheels weren’t even on the track. I kept them on the dirt most of the way. I never thought I’d finish but I finally caught [George] Follmer and won the race. It was one of the most exciting races I can remember.”

Many believe it is the single greatest drive in the history of the American sedan road racing.

The Model

The car that I have does not exactly represent the car Parnelli Jones drove but the one Jones’s teammate George Follmer drove. George came in 2nd in the 1970 Mission Bell 200 (A great race for Bud Moore Engineering). As far as I know, this car looks just like Jones’s car as the Bud Moore team had 3 of the Boss 302’s in 1970. This model is made by Welly with mostly diecast and a few pieces of plastic here and there. The hood and doors open which is standard with most 1:18 scale models.

The engine has fairly good detail (glad to see plug wires) and is modeled according to the 302 engine inside the Mustang. The cockpit has good detail such as the fire extinguishers, roll cage, gauges, and steering wheel. The minilite-like rims and racing asphalt tires are true to the car the model is created for. For me the coolest looking part of this model is the gas cap(see pic below). However, based on photos I have seen, the actual Kar Kraft race cars did not have this gas cap. The gas cap was up above the tail lights towards the middle of the car and rather plain looking. Still I love that cap. The undercarriage of the car has good detail as well.

In Conclusion

For any racing history diecast model collector, The 1970 Trans Am Kar Kraft Mustangs are nice additions to a collection. Welly, ACME, and other brands have offered the model over the years and you should be able to find one for sale. Oh yeah, that is Bud Moore’s actual signature on my model. That may be a little harder to come by. Happy collecting.