Diecast American Muscle 1970 Baldwin Motion Camaro Phase III 1:18 Model

The 70 Baldwin Motion Camaro Phase III has it’s place in American Muscle car history. With the side pipes, traction bars, and motion stripes this camaro just oozes with seventies “cool”. Custom Baldwin hood scoop equipped, the Motion Camaro possessed a retro aerodynamic look and feel that I admired as a kid. All the cool kids back in the 70’s had car like this Phase III Camaro.

The Model

The model I am using is the 1 18 Ertl American Muscle 1970 Motion Camaro. This model sells for an average of about $50. The model is maroon with baldwin motion stripes. The interior is black and it has chrome five spoke cragar s/s mag rims on gt f60-15 Goodyear tires. The model had some good details such as the inside doors which have individual coloring for the handles and the paneling. A feature that stands out as one of the best details of the model is the carburetor and air filter.

Unfortunately, the model is missing plug wires which would have given the engine a more realistic look. However, this ERTL American Muscle model is a nice addition to any muscle car 1:18 collection.

History of Baldwin Motion Camaro

The 1970 Phase III Camaro is the product of the partnership between the Chevrolet dealership belonging to Baldwin Auto Company and auto performance company Motion Performance with legendary drag racer and engine builder Joel Rosen. From 1967 through 1974, Baldwin Chevrolet sold the super cars consisting of Camaros, Novas, Chevelles, Corvettes and Biscayne Street Racer Specials. Customers would come to Baldwin Chevrolet and have Motion modify the drive train, brakes, suspension, and a performance enhanced engine.

Before the 1970 Camaro, the Baldwin Motion cars came with the 427-cid engine that produced in excess of 425 horsepower. Starting in 1970 with the Camaro, Baldwin and Motion began to offer the Phase III 454 which could be tuned to have in excess of 500 horsepower.

To Sum It All Up

With the purchase of a Baldwin Motion Camaro (as with all Baldwin Motion cars) a written warranty was given that read, “We think so much of our Phase III Supercars, that we guarantee they will turn at least 120 mph in 11.50 seconds or better with an M/P-approved driver on an AHRA or NHRA-sanctioned drag strip. Phase III Supercars are completely streetable, reliable machines that will run these times off the street.” In an ad pertaining to the 1970 Phase III Camaro Motion Performance stated, “Detroit still hasn’t been able to come up with a car that can steal our thunder.” To add the Baldwin Motion Camaro model to your collection is to add one of the great legends of muscle car history. ERTL American Muscle and Autoworld have made 1:18 model (The Autoworld version has plug wires with the engine) .

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